GWA’s Annual Writers Conference

The Red Clay Writers Conference is the annual conference of the Georgia Writers Association. Red Clay has been hosted since 2009 to encourage and inspire writers across Georgia through a full day of literary events that focus on the art and craft of writing. Speakers include authors, editors, publishers, agents, and marketing specialists who provide attendees with resources to strengthen their craft. Past speakers include Terry Kay, Anita Renfroe, Raymond Atkins, BookLogix Publishing, and many others!

In the words of Ernest Hemingway, “We are all apprentices in a craft where no one becomes a master.” Craft means an activity involving a skill in making things by hand. Writing, like any other handmade craft, is a skill that takes time, dedication, and training to develop.

In a potter’s hands, clay has infinite purpose. It could be a coffee mug, cookie jar, platter. It is the potter’s imagination, skill, and dedication that give his finished piece a purpose. Red clay is a part of Georgia’s identity, much like writing is a part of yours. The Red Clay Writers Conference seeks to spark imagination, develop skills, and encourage perseverance in Georgia’s local crafters.